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Posh Brats - Rose Quartz Bath Bomb

Posh Brats - Rose Quartz Bath Bomb

A sumptuous dominating note of East Indian sandalwood and seductive amber supports a rich, opulent musky rose harmony. As a consequence, a daring and romantic combination with a fascinating personality has been created.


Rose Quartz is beneficial for many types of love, not only romantic love. It can help with love and healing in friendship, family, Divine love, self-love, and parenting. Rose quartz is a stone that will nourish your heart in all ways, embracing you for who you are. It is also a stone of reconciliation, aiding in the healing of past hurts and bestowing patience in the present.


Perfectly blended with luxurious oils of sweet almond, coconut, argan, vitamin E, and sea buckthorn to enrich your bath water with skin-pampering and soothing moisture and vitamins.


These are ideal for all of those who wish their bathing experience to be something akin to a spa treatment. These have the added bonus of natural gemstone crystals (crystal size varies from 10-20mm each).

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