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Overview of Hypnotherapy

Many people have never experienced hypnosis first hand, they may have seen it on TV or even seen stage hypnosis but that is as much as they have seen. This in itself can create a fear.

So firstly let me clear a few misconceptions up...No I will not make you cluck like a chicken! Stage hypnosis is just that, it is a stage show designed to entertain. When you walk in the room you are carefully watched and many people discarded before you even sit down. There will then be a series of tasks or questions, again so more people can be discarded. The hypnotist will then be left with a select few who he/she knows will be most susceptible to the hypnosis. When people under hypnosis we can NOT make you do anything you do not want to do. When someone is acting like a chicken on stage, yes they are hypnotised but they are also fully willing to participate in the show. As a hypnotherapist we are bound by a code of conduct, I would never conduct any type of stage hypnosis. I am not saying I would not watch it, I think Darren Brown is fascinating but no I wouldn't watch Joe Blogs humiliate someone just to get a laugh out of an audience. The key word in what I do is 'Therapist' it is my job to help you whilst under hypnosis.

Everything that is talked about during a session is 100% confidential and nothing is judged. I am there to help you, not to judge you.

So what does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis is different for everyone, for some they will feel like they have been asleep, for others they may just feel very relaxed throughout, some may remain fully awake and wonder f anything just happened. Most people though will feel a deep sense of relaxation. Many people will tell me their arms and legs felt very heavy , like they were unable to lift them when I asked them to (they find the arm will lift when I ask) They describe it as feeling just so relaxed and sleepy. Whilst under hypnosis you may find that your mind wanders off and thinks about all sorts, this does not matter at all. Under hypnosis I talk directly to your subconscious so I promise you, you are listening even if your conscious mind is not.

Whilst hypnotised you are able to talk freely and move if you want to (most people are too relaxed to want to though).

In my practice you have a choice of where to sit, I have two sofa's, a high back chair and a bean bag. I find most clients like to kick their shoes off, wrap in a blanket (provided) and lie on the sofa with their feet up. Although the bean bag probably comes a close second.

When I bring you back out of hypnosis, you wake fully refreshed and energised. You may remember some of the session, all of it or none at all. You probably wont feel any different either, however your subconscious mind will be working away in the background and changes will be starting without you being fully aware.

I will also teach you self hypnosis techniques so that you can continue to help yourself in between sessions and long after.

I spent a year completing intensive study before qualifying in Hypnotherapy, I am currently 6 months through another 12 month course to further my understanding, on top of this I am required to undertake professional CPD (Continuous Professional Development) I also have to mentor's who I am in regular contact with to ensure I am operating correctly and to the best of my ability. If I discuss a case with y mentor no names are used at all, keeping everything confidential.

I am happy to answer any questions people may have, which is why I have a free of charge, no obligation consultation before hand. Hypnosis should not feel scary or give you any concerns at all.

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