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Meditation - A Beginners Guide

Meditation - what is all the fuss about?

I am not going to sit here and tell you that meditation is a magic pill that will take away all your worries and woes, I would be a millionaire if I could! However meditation can help to quieten the mind and body when you are running at one hundred miles and hour, it can help settle your mind and body when you feel you are running on empty and it can help you simply to just breathe after a long day or set you up for the day ahead.

Meditation doesn't have to be sitting on the floor cross legged and singing ommmmmmm. I know I for one would never be able to get back off the floor again never mind cross my legs while I am down there! The ability to cross my legs on the left me around thirty years ago! Any way I digress... Meditation can happen anywhere you want! You probably already meditate without realising you do it....

Have you ever just lost yourself in a day dream? Or found your mind wandering off somewhere despite someone talking to you? Or been stood washing up / ironing etc and completely forgot what you were doing because you became lost in thought?

That is a form of meditation. You may be pleased to here there are no rules when it comes to meditating too. If you have the kind of brain that gets lost in loud music...put loud music on, dance and simply become lost in what you are doing. Similarly you can add meditation into what ever you are doing, for example as you are about to go to sleep you can lie in bed and begin a mediation (chances are it will calm you and send you to sleep) or you can incorporate it into your daily morning routine like in the shower in the morning.

So yes we can meditate ANYWHERE (expect when driving or ....well you get the drift) BUT how do we mediate?

To give you a few examples....

In the shower - this is a lovely place because the flowing water acts as a cleanser washing everything away. Make sure you have set the temperature just right so you wont have to shuffle or give yourself a shock. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. On your next breath feel the warm steam come in through your nose, see if you can visualise the steam flowing around your body. Then as you breathe out see the steam leaving as cold air, see all the negativity or any problems leaving with it. Then try simply being still, focus all your thoughts on how the water feels as it runs over your body. You don't have to be anywhere at that exact moment, no body needs anything. This exact moment in time is just for YOU.

Listening to music - there are a few ways, as not everyone wants to sit quietly and listen....Put your favourite tunes on, put your headphones on or turn the volume up. Yes you know the song but have you really listened to the song? How many instruments can you hear? Is there a drum beat (I'm a rock fan but if your classical is there a piano or other instrument) you can focus on? What about the words? They may speak to you but can you hear how they are singing them? Really focus, don't allow your mind to wonder any where else, simply focus on the music...then let your body go...what does it want to do? Let like no one is does your body and mind feel once you have let go?

You may want to mediate a more traditional way.

Find a time where you know you will not be disturbed. You may prefer silence or you may prefer some gentle music like bird song or some mediation music (you tube has hundreds to chose from) I have a few downloaded on Audible.

Make sure you are comfortable, lie on a sofa, sit on a chair, there is no right or wrong, just however you find yourself comfortable. Make sure you are warm though, as you are sitting very still you might find that you feel the cold so a blanket can help, even if you don't feel cold before you start it can creep up on you.

Simply close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out. With each breath try to take a longer one. Try counting your breath, for example breath in to the count of 5 and out for the count of 6. Try to breathe out for longer than the breath in. Then after a few breaths extend the breath by another count. So now count to 6 on the in breath and 7 on the outward breath. How does the breath feel? Does it feel different on the way out as to the way in? How far down your body does the breathe go? Are you breathing to your chest? Right to the pit of your stomach or right down to your feet?

If you find your mind wandering . bring it back by counting your breaths again.

Different smells can help, burning incense or sage can help to purify the air and help you to centre yourself. But pick a smell you like or you will find it very distracting!

Crystals are a wonderful tool to help you mediate too. They can help you focus your thoughts, how does the crystal feel? How cold is it? Can you feel the vibration from it? Even if you can not feel the vibration it will still be vibrating to its own frequency (everything in the universe has its own vibration frequency) Simply having it in the room with you can help just as much or you may prefer to hold it. (remember there is no right or wrong).

All crystals will help with meditation, if you feel you have a particular issue or question then specific crystals can help more than others but for a general meditation then Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Selenite are really good.

There are many crystals out there and they have many different vibrations, trust your instinct and you will find you will be drawn to the one which is right for you.

Remember though when it comes to meditation, there is no right or wrong. The aim of meditation is to help you relax your mind and body, this comes in many forms as we are all different. How ever you chose to meditate you are aiming to clear your mind and focus on that exact moment in time where you have nothing to do, no where to be and nothing to worry about.

Have fun, relax and try to incorporate meditation into your day on a daily basis, you will be surprised at the results.

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