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Crystal Shapes - 2 min read

Crystal shapes.

Crystals come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, as well as types! Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose…

More often than not if you simply chose the crystal you are drawn to it will be the right one for you. You will be drawn to it for a reason. By all means chose a crystal based on its properties however if you trust your instinct and select the one you are most drawn to, when you look into its properties afterwards I bet it will match exactly what you were looking for.

Trust your gut instinct…. Or simply choose one because it is pretty ;0)

As I mentioned crystals come in all shapes and sizes, we may chose a certain shape and size for practicality, i.e. you wish to carry it around with you or you may choose a piece as a display piece. The shapes though do have an effect on the energies given out by the crystal.

I have detailed a few of the more common ones below….

Crystal Point / Generator – these can form naturally or equally they can be sculptured into shape.

Points are often used for healing purposes, by holding the point away from body draws energy off the person and away, whereas holding the point towards the body draws healing energy in.

A double ended point can be used to help balance, at can absorb negativity away from the body and break old patterns and habits.

Cluster Crystal – these crystals have many points to them. They are often used to cleanse room because of the energy they give out and absorb.

Geode – As Geodes point inwardly the hold and amplify the energy they send out, as they are encased in their own shell they also diffuse any negative energy coming in. They are very useful for meditation and spiritual growth due to these properties.

Sphere – These crystals have been used for many years by healers because they can give you a window into the past or the future. Their energy is emitted equally due to their shape. They represent a wholeness and completion.

Wands - These are very traditional tools and can be used to focus energy to the tip by sending the intention down through your arm and focusing it directly to the point.

Flames - When shaped in a flame they are shaped to represent fire, one of earths strongest energies. They are most powerful when used for issues you have been procrastinating over.

For all the shapes the most common crystals are tumblestones, they may not be shaped into a particular form but they are still incredibly powerful and due to their size are easier to carry around and move to different positions.

Just with the crystal type, when it comes to crystal shape, chose the one you are drawn to.

When you get them home, play about with them and see what works best for you, try them in different places around the home, try them closer and further away from you whilst you are sleeping. Have fun experimenting where you place them to see what the different effects are. At the end of the day nothing is set in stone (excuse the pun) it is your crystal, you chose it because it called to you.

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